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Scholarly Digital Editions specializes in highest quality academic publications in electronic form.
Eight publications online, with instant access by a single payment
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Alert: As of 24 October 2017, the Anastasia software provided on our CD-ROMs ceased to work in the latest Macintosh OS. It has been unreliable on Windows for some time. Accordingly, we are no longer selling CD-ROMS.
We are offering existing owners of CD-ROMs the option of a ten year subscription for just $20 US. Email us to join this program.
The Digital Ælfric
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Dante's Commedia
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A Digital Catalogue of the Canterbury Tales
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Dante's Monarchia
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Nun's Priest's Tale on CD-ROM
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Parliament Rolls of Medieval England  
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Miller's Tale on CD-ROM
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Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition
CD-ROM (PC only) available again
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New version now available! (online only)
Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile
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The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase
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Caxton's Canterbury Tales:
The British Library Copies

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Hengwrt Chaucer Standard Edition
From £23.50   About Buy
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