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Dante's Monarchia

Shaw's acclaimed edition, with text, translation, transcripts of all manuscripts with images, collations, analyses, search and visualisation tools

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Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition

The whole Tapestry (and two facsimiles) with full commentary, maps, genealogies, glossary, libraries of textual and visual analogues

A bargain-priced jewel Library Journal
Brilliant in design, scholarly in content Choice
Best new edition in any medium International Society for Anglo Saxonists, 2005

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Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Eight million words of text, translation and introductions, recording the English Parliaments from Edward I to Henry VII, images and search tools

"Nobody involved in any aspect of medieval research can afford to do without this publication" History
"A major contribution to the history of Parliament, to medieval English history, and to the study of the English constitution" English Historical Review

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Dante's Commedia

Transcripts of seven key manuscripts (six with images) and two key editions, with collations, analyses, search and visualisation tools

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Not available at this time

Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile

Full transcript and images of the oldest and most important single manuscript of the Tales, with analyses and collation with the Ellesmere manuscript

"A wonderful new tool for introducing students to the textual problems unique to medieval literature" Medieval Academy of America
"Provides the fullest available corpus of materials about Hengwrt, in a remarkably powerful and usable form" Parergon

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Caxton's Canterbury Tales

Full transcripts and images of British Library copies of the two Caxton editions of the Tales, with collations, quiring and other diagrams, and analyses



Digital Catalogue of the Canterbury Tales

Full descriptions of all 84 surviving manuscripts, and of individual copies of the four pre-1500 print editions of the Tales, with over 400 images, articles and search facilities

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Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase

Texts and Lexica for the study of classical Armenian, with lexical and grammatical analysis for every word and all four major Armenian dictionaries


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