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Dante Alighieri: Commedia. A Digital Edition
Prue Shaw

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Runs on any recent Windows or Macintosh computer with DVD-ROM drive. See Monarchia Sales for further ordering information.

Co-published with SISMEL: Edizioni del Galluzzo per la Fondazione Ezio Franceschini, Firenze. ISBNs for publication outside Italy: ISBN 1-904628-15-X [individual], 1-904628-16-8 [institutional]. ISBNs for publication inside Italy: ISBN 978-88-8450-389-3 [individual], 978-88-8450-391-6 [institutional].

Runs on any recent Windows or Macintosh computer with DVD-ROM drive. See Commedia Sales for further ordering information.
June 2021: Open access site coming! Watch this space...
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Full transcripts of seven key manuscripts (six with images), the text of the Petrocchi and Sanguineti editions, with collations, analyses, and search and visualisation tools.

This DVD-ROM contains Prue Shaw’s transcripts, collations and analyses of seven key manuscripts of Dante’s Commedia, the most important single work in Italian literature and one of the masterpieces of world literature. The transcripts are accompanied by digital images of all pages of six of the manuscripts, all newly made in high-resolution full colour, and by the full text of the editions of Petrocchi and Sanguineti. A full word-by-word collation shows all variants at every word, viewable in either the original manuscript spelling or in a standardised form. Variant search and variant map features offer new ways of exploring the relations between the versions. Extensive editorial commentaries analyse the relations among the surviving texts, and examine the view of the tradition recently set out by Federico Sanguineti. Throughout, the publication interface provides access to every word in every version, to the variants on every word, and to tools and commentaries permitting exploration of the different versions.


  • Full, highly-detailed transcriptions of seven key manuscripts of the Commedia
  • Transcripts presented alongside images of manuscript pages


  • High-resolution colour digital images of pages containing text of the Commedia
  • Zoomify software allows easy magnification and movement around the images

Views of differences between the versions

  • Full word-by-word collation of all words in all versions, showing the significant differences between the versions

  • Access to original spellings of all witnesses at each word in the collation

  • Each word collation linked to a ‘Variant Map’ feature, showing the distribution of all variants against the witness family relationships

  • Access to a metrical analysis of each line

Searching and navigation

  • Go directly to any view of any line in any witness from a simple drop-down menu

  • Search the complete text of all versions by word and phrase

  • View hits in ‘key word in context’ display, linked to the full text with highlighted hits

  • Unique ‘Vbase’ feature offers complex searches for variants by their distribution in the witnesses


  • Full descriptions and transcription notes for all witnesses

  • Detailed account of the transcription system

  • Full analysis of the relations among the manuscripts

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