Scholarly Digital Editions: About Us
Scholarly Digital Editions was founded in 2000 to publish high-quality scholarly editions in electronic form. As well as publish editions, made by ourselves and others, we provide consultancy services to other scholars and publishers.

Much of our work is based around two key computer tools, which we develop and maintain. These are the Collate system (for comparing up to 2000 versions of the one text) and the Anastasia electronic publishing system. Many of our publications use these tools. As of 2018, our publication back end will be moving to the Textual Communities system ( This incorporates the CollateX and Collation Editor tools, which succeed Collate.

Please note that we are a small enterprise (formally, Peter Robinson, trading as Scholarly Digital Editions). The entire staff are Peter Robinson and Barbara Bordalejo, and we do many other things. We try to answer all queries as soon as we can, but please understand that sometimes there may be some delay. On the positive side: any queries (email or fax) will be dealt with directly by one of us, usually at first by Peter. You can also email him at

Since 2010, we have been based in Canada. We can accept payments in UK pounds, US and Canadian dollars.
How to contact us
Address:1329 9th Street East, Saskatoon S7H 0N8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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