Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies on CD-ROM
Edited by Barbara Bordalejo
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The CD-ROM version of the "Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies", edited by Barbara Bordalejo of De Montfort University, was published on 8 October, 2003. This CD-ROM version is designed so that the reader can load it on the hard disc of the computer and always have the full text and images of the books available. Further, the CD-ROM contains many extra facilities to allow readers to explore these books intensively: higher-quality images, full word-by-word collation, tables showing the quiring and other bibliographic features of the copies, full searching, and scholarly discussions.

The following table sets out the differences between the CD-ROM edition and the online editions, available on the British Library and Canterbury Tales Project (De Montfort University) websites.

CD-ROM EditionOnline Editions
Images at 127 dpi (first edition) and 134 dpi (second edition), permitting closer examination of each page Images at c. 105 dpi
Full transcripts of all text of all tales, links and glosses Full transcripts of all text of all tales, links and glosses
Word and phrase search of all text: Sample word search only for the General Prologue

Word by word collation of whole text of both editions, with all differences highlighted in red:

Unique line collation of whole text of both edition shows all differences of additional lines and line order, using colour to indicate different orders:

Unique 'view by quires' feature allows you to see how each quire is constructed (including the distribution of watermarks across the quire); and which folios hold engravings or are facsimiles made by John Harris:

From the quire view, move through the whole manuscript opening by opening, seeing what is on each page, with links to each page:

View each folio together with its conjugate (that is, see each sheet as they came off the press, as if the edition were unbound):

Notes by the editor, Barbara Bordalejo, on the editions
Buy the CD-ROM edition (about £23.50/$40 for an individual license) from the Scholarly Digital Editions website Consult the online editions free, on the British Library Treasures website and on the Canterbury Tales Project website

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