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The Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition: Online and CD-ROM
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Best new edition in any medium International Society for Anglo Saxonists, 2005

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New version now available (2013), online only. This contains all the material of the CD-ROM version in a completely updated interface, running online through any up-to-date web browser. The online version also contains several features not present in the CD-ROM version:

In both online and CD-ROM versions, you can scroll through the entire Tapestry and zoom in on the Tapestry to the level of the actual weave. Both include a whole host of supporting materials, including:

Note: each description and image below may be clicked on for a full screenshot and description of the related feature; alternatively, use the menu bar to the left

The CD-ROM edition supersedes the on-line prototype. It is with some sadness that I must announce that, after four years of operation, the on-line prototype of my Digital Edition of the Bayeux Tapestry has ended. I would like also to thank publicly the hundreds of people who have used this edition while in development, and especially those who offered constructive feedback.

©2002 Martin Kennedy Foys

Dr. Martin Foys
Department of English
Hood College

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