Internet Licenses for The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England: SDE Pricing Policy and License Rationale

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Our aim is to arrive at a pricing which will not bar any institution with reasonable resources and reasonable needs from access to PROME, while returning enough revenue for us to be able to maintain and continue development on the site. We believe the low price of the CD-ROM for individual scholars caters well for their needs, and leaves us free to negotiate appropriate prices for institutions.

We have tried to find instances of analogous publications (rather difficult, as subscription access publishers tend to be rather secretive about their pricing structure). There seem to be two models of charging:

The second model is attractive to institutions which find it easier to make one-off capital purchases. It is also suitable to institutions with the ability to mount and maintain the publication on their own servers. There seems no reason why we should not offer a choice: institutions may choose which of the two suits them.

Concerning price: we found three collections analogous to the Parliament Rolls in scope, audience and content. These are:

We are also seeking to make the purchase process straightforward, without unnecessary legal verbiage. We provide a separate "Terms and Conditions" document giving fuller details of the license agreement. Comments on this, pointers to other instructive publications, and reactions are very welcome: please send these to Peter Robinson,

Last revised: 10 July 2005

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